Q: What is SUPRA?

Q. What does volunteering entail?

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External Partnerships 

Q: I am interested in contacting one of SUPRA’s partner organizations. Can SUPRA help me do this?

Q: I am interested in partnering with SUPRA. Who do I contact with a partnership opportunity?

Q: I am interested in conducting a project on SUPRA (class-related or otherwise). Who do I contact to do so?

Q: I would like to use SUPRA’s name / logo / photos.


A: SUPRA is a graduate student organization that works to empower the local refugee community by connecting them with the community at large. As of now, we primarily provide the North Side Learning Center (NSLC), a community center serving Syracuse's refugee population, with volunteer English-language teaching assistants and tutors.

A: The NSLC holds classes for people of a range of ages -- from kids in kindergarten to their grandparents -- three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 5:30-8 pm). As students' ages range, so does their English ability. Depending on the class, SUPRA volunteers either provide teaching assistance to lead teachers or provide homework help. Our volunteers are able to commit to visiting the NSLC once a week to provide such support. We arrange car pools and take care of logistics. What we require from volunteers is dedication, a passion for service, and a humility in dealing with diversity.

A: If you are interested in volunteering with SUPRA, please fill out this form. All volunteers must attend a short orientation prior to volunteering. Orientations are conducted at the beginning of each semester. If you're interested in volunteering but unable to attend one of our orientation sessions, please email us at SUPRA.Syracuse@gmail.com.

External Partnerships

A: As a graduate student organization independent from its partners, SUPRA is unable to guarantee relationships with its partner organizations. We recommend directly contacting our partners with solicitation requests.

A: Please fill out and submit this application for partnership opportunities. In order to account for university timelines and procedures, particularly those related to fundraising, we ask that offers be made at least three weeks in advance of any planned events. Requests made in fewer than three weeks may likely be denied.

A: Please fill out and submit this application for project-related requests. We ask that requests be made at least one week before the project’s expected start date.

A: Use of SUPRA’s name, logo, and photos are subject to prior approval from its President. Email SUPRA.SyracuseU@gmail.com with requests to use any intellectual property. Please understand that this requirement is in place to protect SUPRA and its beneficiaries. Furthermore, it accounts for the possibility that SUPRA may seek involvement on more than a nominal basis.