SUPRA was started by a group of inspired graduate students with a desire to help Syracuse’s refugee resettlement community. Originally registered with the GSO in 2008, the organization started off by building a relationship with the local Bhutanese community.  Eventually SUPRA unfurled its wings, expanding its operations to Bob’s School on the northside of Syracuse. There, the first citizenship and ESL classes took flight. Over the years, the volunteer cohort has primarily represented Newhouse, Maxwell and College of Law students. Since its inception, SUPRA has also welcomed students from SUNY/ESF, Cultural Foundations of Education, Fulbright FLTA and the Military Visual Journalism program. This assortment has made for an exceptionally diverse volunteer force, bringing unique backgrounds and passions to the classroom. In 2014, SUPRA engaged the North Side Learning Center, building a common cause that has signaled a noble impact for the future. At the NSLC, SUPRA’s home-away-from-the-Hill, ESL and citizenship classes are regularly held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, following the Syracuse City School District’s academic schedule. That means many volunteers continue volunteering throughout May, June and July, supplementing their studies and summer jobs with community service. Throughout its history, SUPRA has maintained close bonds with other regional non-profit organizations, including: Refugee Alliance, Hopeprint, Journey’s End Refugee Services, Bhutanese Community in Syracuse, the Gifford Foundation, Catholic Charities Refugee Youth Outreach, and Interfaith Works. SUPRA hopes to maintain its ever-increasing presence throughout both the campus and the neighborhood. The future holds big things for SUPRA!