Parting Words from SUPRA’s former President

Dear SUPRA, In twenty years, after you’ve resettled in suburbia, a refugee family from Syria will move in down the street. You’ll be unable to understand the depths of their hardship--despite your best efforts--or the degree to which they have struggled, but you’ll do everything you can to make them feel welcome because you have met people going through similar transitions in the past. Maybe you’ll give them a housewarming gift, or maybe your children will play with theirs, or maybe you’ll just smile at them whenever you pass them in the aisles of the grocery store. Whatever you do, I know you’ll treat them with warmth and respect--two things that transcend language and cultural barriers--because of, in some way, your experiences on the Northside. With SUPRA, my hope was never to build better students. It was always to build better citizens. Citizens that would carry the relationships, memories and understanding they developed on the Northside with them, constantly engaging these experiences in their mind, and acting upon them wherever they went next. You’re a student for a short period of time but you’re a citizen forever. Twenty years later, if your smile to the Syrian family in the produce section is at all informed by your time with SUPRA, it will make it all worth it. Not just for me, but for us all. Sincerely, Eric Horvath SUPRA President (Fall 2014 - Fall 2015)